Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Storytelling Theory and Practice
Description: Professor Brian Sturm presents storytelling as a way of organizing information, conveying emotions, and building community.

Video 2: Timing a Presentation
Description: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. This video will give you some good tips about how to make sure your presentation is well timed.

Video 3: Organizing a Speech
Description: Billy Hofacker discusses a simple and proven formula for structuring and delivering apublic speech.

Video 4: A Public Speaking Outline Example
Description: A verbal discussion of how to structure an outline with many valuable tips interwoven in the discussion.

Web 1: The Strategic Rhetoric of a President
Description: Published student paper examining Narrative Coherence and Narrative Fidelity in George W. Bush’s speech.

Web 2: Patterns of Organization
Description: Patterns of organization and examples of each in outline form.