Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: 3 Persuasive Claims
Description: What are the three types of persuasive claims you may use?

Video 2: Persuasive Argument by Analogy
Description: How to set up an argument by anology to use in your persuasive presentation.

Video 3: Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech
Description: An example of how Martin Luther King used repetition and alteration to craft his arguments.

Video 4: Persuasive Techniques
Description: Examples of how persuasive techniques are used in advertising, with actual commercials embedded to demonstrate the technique.

Video 5: Obama’s persuasive Speech Techniques
Description: Learn the effective speech techniques President Barak Obama uses to motivate his listeners.

Video 6: Making a Difference Through Special Olympics
Description: Sample Persuasive Speech.

Video 7: Sample Persuasive Speech
Description: Sample persuasive speech entitled “Putting the Brakes on Teenage Driving.”

Audio 1: How Do You Get People to Change?
Description: Bob Cialdini, an Arizona State University psychology professor and coauthor of Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, says the first step may be finding new ways to ask for that change.

Audio 2: Inside the Message Machine That Could Make Politicians More Persuasive
Description: Creating a machine for politicians that generates specific terms and words that have researched effectiveness in persuading the public, using algorithms.

Web 1: Foot in Door Technique: How to Get People to Seamlessly Take Action
Description: Examples of tested and researched strategies for using the foot in door technique to persuade others.

Web 2: Persuasive Speech Outline Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Description: Sample outline and examples of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.

Web 3: Persuasive Speech Outline Templates
Description: Link with several hyperlinks to persuasive speech outlines using both Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and Problem-Cause-Solution Pattern.