Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The Proxemic Project
Description: What are the nonverbal effects of proxemics violations?

Video 2: What to Wear to a Job Interview--Office, Fashion retail, Fast food, Creative
Description: What to wear for a job interview in a variety of settings.

Audio 1: Decoding Body Language
Description: NPR Audio recording on how FBI decodes the nonverbal communication of people.

Audio 2: Checking Your Tone in e-mail Messages
Description: NPR story of how we can control the tone of an e-mail.

Web 1: How Well Do You Read Other People? A Body Language Quiz
Description: A quiz about the universal meaning of various facial expressions depicted in staged photographs. Deep analysis of muscle movements involved in facial expressions tied to various states of being.

Web 2: Using Emojis at Work
Description: Assessing the appropriateness of the use of using emojis in work e-mails.