Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Breaking Down Stereotypes Using Art and Media
Description: How media defines people and cultures and what can be done to break down stereotypes.

Video 2: Map the World--Hofstede's Five Cultural Dimensions Visualized
Description: A description of the cultural value dimensions and the level each country in the world shows on each dimension on a scale.

Video 3: Women’s Rights Movement
Description: UNICEF-organized event marks the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, a comprehensive framework for achieving gender equality.

Video 4: Colleges Looking Beyond Standardized Testing
Description: The movement of colleges to look beyond standardized test scores in order to admit disadvantaged groups.

Audio 1: College Campuses Address Diversity
Description: NPR story talking about what campuses are doing to increase cultural awareness.

Audio 2: Anti-Gay Hate Crimes
Description: NPR discussion of the 2010 hate crime laws.

Web 1: 13 Years After 9/11, Anti-Muslim Bigotry Is Worse Than Ever
Description: How perceptions of Muslim Americans have changed from 2001 to the present.

Web 2: LGBTQ Campus Climate
Description: An analysis of campus climate in terms of views of the LGBTQ population and what can be done to facilitate acceptance and integration.

Web 3: Calling for the Redskins to Change Its Name
Description: Exploring the history behind the name Redskins and the pressure to be more culturally sensitive in the NFL.