Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Self-Image
Description: Gothman’s belief that we present ourselves as an act to all people.

Video 2: The Self-Worth Project
Description: Everyday people and the connection between their own self-image and self-esteem expressed nonverbally.

Video 3: Symbolic Interactionism
Description: How people’s behaviors in interaction with others in social settings are governed by their conception of themselves.

Audio 1: The Stereotype Threat
Description: How a female professional poker player is stereotyped by her male colleagues.

Web 1: The Negative in Positive Stereotypes
Description: Why positive stereotypes have their downsides.

Web 2: The Critical Media Project: LGBTQ
Description: Media portrayals of the LGBT population and its consequences.

Web 3: So Much for Reinventing Ourselves Online
Description: How the opportunity for online anonymity is fading.