Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: What Is Communication?
Description: Describes how the study of communication is interdisciplinary and can be viewed through a pyramid structure.

Audio 1: Data Mining
Description: How Google collects and uses information about you.

Web 1: What Does It Mean to Be a Digital Native?
Description: At no other time in history has technology moved so fast, and digital natives appear to be winning the communication race.

Web 2: What Is Communication?
Description: A link to the National Communication Association website with their association’s definition of communication.

Web 3: How Social Media Can Help (or Hurt) You in Your Job
Description: How employers view a potential employee’s social media profiles in both ways that help the job search and may hurt the job search.

Web 4: Communication Process
Description: Explores the linear and transactional models of communication, illustrates them, and describes their strengths and weaknesses.