Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Interviewing Skills
Description: Full webinar from a college career counselor on the preparation, questions to expect, and how to dress in an interview.

Video 2: How the Right Interview Closing Will Get You The Job Offer
Description: How a good close to an interview will help you get a job offer.

Video 3: 5 Tips to Look Confident in a Job Interview
Description: 5 Tips to look and feel confident in your job search and interviews.

Audio 1: Could Video Games Be the Next Job Interview?
Description: Your gaming skills may convey your potential to an employer.

Audio 2: 10 Best Moments from Speaker John Boehner’s Exit Interview
Description: John Boehner’s reflections of his career in an exit interview with NPR.

Web 1: Common Interview Questions
Description: A list of the most common interview questions from

Web 2: 4 Tips to Creating the Best Video Interview Environment
Description: Keys to navigating the growing popularity of the Skype or Google Hangout interview environment.