Recommended Readings

There are many books and journals available on communication research, as a visit to your campus library will indicate. Many journals ranging from administrative theory to women’s studies may also focus on human communication. A few key journal titles are listed below. Chapter 4, “You Could Look It Up: Reading, Recording, and Reviewing Research,” will move us on to developing more relevant, targeted lists of readings.

Journal Article 7.1: Boruszewski, J. (2017). On reductionism in communication studies. Lingua Posnaniensis, 59(1), 15–25.

Description: The article explores the two competing views on communication: message-centered and meaning-centered.

Journal Article 7.2: Huff, D. (1954). How to lie with statistics. New York, NY: Norton.

Description: A statistical “best seller” since 1954. Be guided by the content, not the title!