Web Resources

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Web Link 1: Daniel Chandler, University of Wales, Semiotics for Beginners

Description: This text outlines some of the key concepts in semiotics, together with relevant critiques, beginning with the most fundamental concept of the sign itself.

Web Link 2: Professor Charles Antaki’s Conversation Analysis Tutorial

Description: Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University. Conversation Analysis tutorial.

Web Link 3: Qualitative Data Analysis on the Web

Description: Department of Behavioural Sciences, University of Huddersfield. Qualitative data analysis methods, resources and a glossary.

Web Link 4: Signo

Description: Check out this site for more information on theoreticians such as Jakobson.

Web Link 5: TalkBank

Description: At TalkBank, you can find downloadable conversation analysis transcripts linked to audio or video recordings, and other resources.

Web Link 6: Umberto Eco

Description: Eco is a semiotician, literary critic, and novelist, popularly known for his novel The Name of the Rose, among others. Check out his website on semiotics.