Recommended Readings

There are many books and journals available on communication research, as a visit to your campus library will indicate. Many journals ranging from administrative theory to women’s studies may also focus on human communication. A few key journal titles are listed below. Chapter 4, “You Could Look It Up: Reading, Recording, and Reviewing Research,” will move us on to developing more relevant, targeted lists of readings.

Journal Article 5.1: Gould, S. J. (1996). The mismeasure of man. New York, NY: Norton.

Description: Gould’s book discusses the problems with the development and use of unitary measures such as the IQ test.

Journal Article 5.2: Rubin, R. B., Rubin, A. M., Graham, E. E., Perse, E. M., & Seibold, D. R. (Eds.). (2009). Communication research measures II: A sourcebook. New York, NY: Routledge.

Description: This book shows many scales uses in communication research, and discusses scale development. Examples include student motivation, communicative adaptability, and interpersonal attraction scales.