Recommended Readings

There are many books and journals available on communication research, as a visit to your campus library will indicate. Many journals ranging from administrative theory to women’s studies may also focus on human communication. A few key journal titles are listed below. Chapter 4, “You Could Look It Up: Reading, Recording, and Reviewing Research,” will move us on to developing more relevant, targeted lists of readings.

Journal Article 10.1: Blass, T. (2004). The man who shocked the world: The life and legacy of Stanley Milgram. New York, NY: Basic Books.

Journal Article 10.2: Dreifus, C. (2007, April 3). A conversation with Philip G. Zimbardo: Finding hope in knowing the universal capacity for evil. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Description: An interview with Professor Zimbardo, in which he discusses both his Stanford Prison Experiment and Stanley Milgram’s experiments. See also Haney, C., Banks, W. C., & Zimbardo, P. G. (1973). Interpersonal dynamics in a simulated prison. International Journal of Criminology and Penology, 1, 69–97.

Journal Article 10.3: Field, A., & Hole, G. J. (2003). How to design and report experiments. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Description: This book takes you through the entire research process including getting ideas about research, refining your research question(s), designing the experiment, statistical analysis, and writing up results.

Journal Article 10.4: Milgram, S. (2004). Obedience to authority: An experimental view. New York, NY: HarperCollins.

Description: This 2004 edition of Milgram’s 1974 book provides a good explanation of Milgram’s obedience experiments and his findings.

Journal Article 10.5: Sheehan, K. B. (2018). Crowdsourcing research: Data collection with amazon’s mechanical turk. Communication Monographs, 85(1), 140–156.

Description: The article provides an examination of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk as an academic research platform and critiques its advantages and disadvantages.

Journal Article 10.6: Slater, M., Antley, A., Davison, A., Swapp, D., Guger, C., Barker, C., Sanchez-Vives, M. V. (2006). A virtual reprise of the Stanley Milgram obedience experiments. PLoS One, 1(1), e39. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000039.

Description: A paper on the “virtual Milgram” experiments. Also referenced in Chapter 3.