Web Resources

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Web Link 1: Communication Research (SAGE Publications)

Description: You can sign up for free content alerts from this journal at this site.

Web Link 2: Visual Communication Concept Explorer

Description: You can use the CIOS Visual Communication Concept Explorer to explore related concepts from the communication literature and to learn what communication concepts are related to other concepts.

Scholarly Organizations

Web Link 1: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Web Link 2: International Communication Association

Web Link 3: National Communication Association

Description: The above sites are for three of the many academic interest groups in communication. Visit them to explore the diversity of academic research areas and method interests.

Web Link 4: Pew Research Center Internet, Science & Tech Project

Description: The Pew Research Center Internet, Science & Tech Project studies how Americans use the Internet and how their online activities affect their lives. The project uses nationwide random phone surveys, online surveys, and qualitative research, along with data from government agencies, technology firms, academia, and other expert venues. You should become familiar with this site, and the Pew Research Center more generally, as we will refer to it throughout this book.

Applied Communication Research

Web Link 1: American Association of Advertising Agencies

Web Link 2: Direct Marketing Association

Web Link 3: National Association of Broadcasters

Web Link 4: Public Relations Society of America

Description: The above four websites are for major communication industry groups. You will not be able to access all aspects of these sites, but you will be able to browse for insights on current research, research issues, and possible careers.