Guest Video

Watch the following videos in their entirety and answer the critical thinking questions below. 

Jennifer Schuett - Attacker's Suicide

Jennifer Schuett - Victim Impact Statement


Q1: Jennifer says she was devastated that her attacker took his own life; are you surprised at her reaction? Because her vision of justice was taken away, her ability to have control and have the last word in her case was taken away.

Q2: Did Jennifer’s attacker get what he deserved? What would true justice have been?

Chris Farias - Court Process

Q1: Discuss the common perception that having the “right” lawyer and having enough money “makes everything go away.”

Q2: Chris states that pleading innocent and going to trial would have been much worse for him, therefore he plead guilty and then faced options on how to serve his guilty plea. If Chris had been truly innocent, should he still have chosen the “easier” path by entering a plea of guilty?

Joshua Benjamin: Plea Bargain


Q1: Josh explains that his attorney did not want him to plead guilty to a class B felony. Are there ethical concerns in how his attorney advised him?

Q2: Should individuals be obligated to plead guilty to the exact crime they committed?

Q3: If an individual understands the harm they’ve done, should their sentence be less or does it matter?