Guest Video

Watch the following videos in their entirety and answer the critical thinking questions below. 

Prison Culture

Chris Farias - Restorative Justice vs. Punitive Punishment

Q1: A common belief is that jail or prison should provide space and time for individuals to ponder their crimes and change their ways. Why do you think this often does not end up being the case?

Q2: Chris argues that serving time in jail would have been easier than participating in the restorative justice program because the restorative justice program forces you look at your own responsibility and do some soul searching. Discuss the individual, community, and societal benefits of the restorative justice approach.

Joshua Benjamin: Prison Experience

Q1: Josh discusses how his prison experience had a number of positive outcomes for himself and his life. Does this surprise you? If so, why?

Q2: He discusses the private prison he was sent and how it differed. Why do you think his experience in the private prison was so different?

Q3: What are some ethical concerns regarding private prisons?