Author Video

Watch the following videos in their entirety and answer the critical thinking questions below. 

Callie Rennison - Advancing Professionalism: How Policing Can Be Improved

Q1: What do you think have been the biggest improvements in the history of policing?

Q2: What would be the one recommendation for improvement you would suggest moving forward?

Callie Rennison - Gender Diversity: Women in the Criminal Justice System

Q1: What are the qualifications of gender equality or a lack of gender discrimination? Is it that men and women must be able to do all of the same things?

Q2:  Could gender equality be the recognition and acceptance of the abilities and strengths of the opposite sex even if they are different abilities and strengths?

Callie Rennison - The Role of Police Over Time: August Vollmer

Q1: Dr. Rennison points out that August Vollmer advocated for police officers to be, not only educated, but also educated as social workers. Often this is not the case. If all law enforcement agents were required to obtain higher education with an emphasis in social work, how would it change the role of police officers? How could this help, or harm, the criminal justice system?

Q2: It is often said that perception is reality. Is it a perception and/or reality that policing has improved? Is there a perception that policing has gotten worse while reality would show that it has gotten better? If so, what creates this gap and how can perception and reality be aligned?