Guest Video

Watch the following videos in their entirety and answer the critical thinking questions below.  

Police Officer Recruitment, Functions, and Duties

Jennifer Schuett: Case Developments/DNA Advancements

Q1: DNA advancements have led to individuals being convicted as well as exonerated. Are there any negative results to relying on DNA evidence? Could there still be false convictions?

Jennifer Schuett: Helping Other Survivors

Q1: Words are incredibly powerful. Jennifer discusses how using her voice has helped bring healing, closure, hope, and freedom from fear to herself and others. Discuss.

Dennis Bradford Confession

Chris Farias: Arrest and Booking Process

Q1: Often there is an association with arrest and conviction. In Chris’ case (as he mentioned) there was little to no doubt of his conviction at the time of his arrest, but what are the dangers of this often-perceived assumption between arrest and conviction?

Q2: Chris was placed in a medium-security prison because there was nowhere else to put him. Is this justified?

Joshua Benjamin: Discovery of his Crime and Arrest

Q1: Josh said he felt the police honored his rights to due process. Why is it important that all individuals who interact with the criminal justice system have access to their rights and have those rights protected?

Q2: Should children and teenagers be treated differently than adults who commit sexual offenses? Do the circumstances of their childhood and their emotional and psychological states make a difference?

Community Policing