Guest Video

Watch the following videos in their entirety and answer the critical thinking questions below. 

Joshua Benjamin: Parole Restrictions for Sex Offenders

Q1: Josh explains that this policy only applies to sex offenders. Should the policy apply to other types of crimes such as assault or domestic violence?

Q2: As Josh discusses, the policy against sex offenders may not always be in the best interest of those involved. What are the possible negative outcomes of this policy for victims, offenders, and society? Should the policy only be applied in certain cases?


Chris Farias - Restorative Justice Programs

Chris Farias - Work Release and Home Detention


Q1: Chris discusses the time between being arrested and starting the restorative justice program. What concerns could there be about this gap and not beginning the program sooner?

Q2: Work release was very difficult for Chris due to the nature of his job as a general contractor putting him in violation of the terms twice in which he was re-incarcerated. Should there have been accommodations for Chris because of his job?