Guest Video

Watch the following videos in their entirety and answer the critical thinking questions below. 

Jennifer Schuett - Victim's Rights

Q1: What do you think are the primary reasons that victims, as well as their families and communities, remain silent about the crimes committed against them?

Q2: Not everyone’s voice is equally heard or heard at all. How could Jennifer’s call to stand up for justice seem empty and unrealistic to some, especially those in different countries and different cultures?

Chris Farias - Impact on His Personal Life

Q1: Chris discusses how the punishment he received focused on taking away his freedoms and identity. Many individuals are unable to successfully re-enter society due to these consequences and the barriers they induce. Should this be the means of punishment? If not, what should be?

Q2: Chris explains how his interaction with the criminal justice system and being locked up dramatically reduced his self esteem, filled him with shame and guilt, and how it affected his ability to work and be in relationships. He states, “It took the life out from underneath me”, and explains that the system essentially used guilt and low self-esteem as a means of realizing wrongs. But, he talks about these things with a respect and awareness of his wrongs; is Chris’ positive experience typical? Do the means and effects of punishment usually have the desired outcome? If not, what justification is there in continuing in the same methods?