Guest Video

Watch the following videos in their entirety and answer the critical thinking questions below. 

Agencies and Missions

Jennifer Schuett - Where She is Now

Q1: Jennifer was able to overcome her traumatic experience and use her story to help others. Why do you think many victims are unable to find the same healing as Jennifer?

Q2: How were your beliefs and perspectives most challenged by Jennifer’s story?

Joshua Benjamin -  Where He is Now

Q1: How critical do you think a supportive community is to an individual’s successful rehabilitation? Do you think Josh’s faith made a difference? What other factors might be critical critical?

Q2: What are your thoughts on the positive turn that Josh’s life has taken?

Q3: How were you beliefs and perspectives most challenged by Josh’s story?



Chris Farias - Where He is Now

Q1: Chris explains that he is still deeply affected by the crime he committed as well as the restorative justice program he was a part of and talks about the importance of accepting what he went through and trying to do something positive. What are some tools criminal justice workers could apply to help individuals come to the same conclusions?

Q2: Chris explains that he didn’t only change his external behavior by choosing to no longer drink and drive, but that he was able to understand his internal struggles that were behind his actions. Discuss the difference between changing external behaviors and changing internal beliefs and values.

Q3: How were your beliefs and perspectives most challenged by Chris’s story?