Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Symbolic Development
Description: This video explains the research by Judy Deloache on understanding symbolic development using scale models.

Video 2: Overregularization
Description: This video provides examples of how young children use overregularization in language.

Video 3: Approximate Number System
Description: This video describes new research suggesting the approximate number system may actually allow young children to complete algebra.

Video 4: Redshirting
Description: This video describes the phenomenon of “redshirting” or delaying kindergarten to allow children an advantage in school.

Audio 1: Changes in Play
Description: This segment describes how play has changed over the years and the impact this has on development.

Audio 2: High Quality Day Care
Description: This segment explains the impact high-quality day care can have on long-term development.

Web 1: Play
Description: This New York Times article explains how the newly mandated requirement for affordable preschool for all children has forced educators to think about how they structure their curriculum.

Web 2: Dialogic Reading Works
Description: This website provides a detailed description of dialogic reading as well as suggestions for how to prompt children when reading with them.

Web 3: Sesame Street
Description: This article suggests Sesame Street might be doing more than teaching children about their ABCs and 123s, but helping them to understand important social issues.