Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Adolescent Brain
Description: This video shows how the adolescent brain is still developing.

Video 2: Protein, Puberty, and Pollutants
Description: This video describes some of the factors that may be leading to the early onset of puberty in the United States.

Video 3: Being Gay
Description: This video shows what it is like to be a gay teenager in America.

Video 4: Transgendered
Description: This TED talk by Norman Spack explains his work in helping transgendered teens accept who they are.

Video 5: Sex Trafficking
Description: This video describes the horrific world of sex trafficking.

Audio 1: Predicting Psychosis
Description: This segment describes how scientists are attempting to predict which adolescents will develop specific psychotic disorders.

Audio 2: PTSD
Description: This segment describes how teens are struggling with PTSD.

Web 1: Coercive Sex
Description: This story describes the shocking number of teenagers who have admitted to coercing others into sex.

Web 2: Teen Pregnancy
Description: This website outlines current rates of teen pregnancy in the United States.

Web 3: Eating Disorders
Description: This website reviews the current statistics and prevalence of eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia) in adolescent males and females.

Web 4: Marijuana
Description: This story explains new research suggesting there is a link between smoking pot during adolescences and problems in young adulthood.

Web 5: Adolescent Concussions
Description: This story explains the negative impact of concussions during the adolescent years.