Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: A-not-B Error
Description: This video shows a 9-month-old passing the test of object permanence but failing the A-not-B test.

Video 2: Imitation
Description: This video shows a newborn imitating the facial movements of an adult.

Video 3: Infant Morality
Description: This video explains how researchers have been able to understand that babies can distinguish “naughty” and “nice.”

Video 4: Noam Chomsky
Description: In this video, Noam Chomsky explains his theory on how children learn language.

Video 5: Critical Periods
Description: This video discusses the difference between critical periods and sensitive periods in development.

Audio 1: Infantile Amnesia
Description: This segment explains why as adults we are unable to recall memories from our earliest days.

Audio 2: Alison Gopnik
Description: This interview with developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik suggests babies may be a lot smarter than we thought.

Audio 3: Infant Screen Time
Description: This story describes the American Academy of Pediatrics’ decision to lift the “no screen under 2” rule.

Web 1: Early Speech
Description: This story suggests babies’ brains are learning about speech before they even say their first words.

Web 2: Poverty & Cognitive Development
Description: This presentation explains some of the ways in which poverty can impact a child’s cognitive development.

Web 3: Baby Einstein
Description: This story explains why the Walt Disney Company decided to offer refunds to parents who purchased their Baby Einstein videos.