Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Delinquency
Description: This video describes some of the factors that may lead adolescents to commit crimes.

Video 2: Adolescents and Divorce
Description: This video shows the impact divorce can have on adolescents.

Video 3: Cliques and Crowds
Description: This video shows the effects of cliques and crowds on adolescent development.

Video 4: Peer Pressure
Description: This video describes how peers can influence adolescent behavior.

Video 5: Role Models
Description: This TED talk describes one young woman’s search for positive female role models.

Audio 1: Cyberbullying
Description: This segment describes what we are learning about the new method for bullying, cyberbullying.

Audio 2: Dating Violence
Description: This segment describes the increase in dating violence and techniques for decreasing the frequency.

Web 1: Teen Suicide
Description: This story describes the prevalence of teenage suicides.

Web 2: Parenting Styles and Teenagers
Description: This story describes how parenting styles and reactions might increase parent–adolescent conflict.

Web 3: School Violence
Description: The CDC provides an array of resources on the topic of school violence.