Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Brain Overview
Description: This video provides a brief overview of how the brain works.  

Video 2: Hemispherectomy
Description: This video provides an amazing look at how malleable the human brain is at a young age.

Video 3: ASD: Diagnostic Criteria
Description: This video explains the criteria used when diagnosing a child with autism spectrum disorder.

Video 4: Infant Vision
Description: This video describes the development of vision during the first 8 months of life.

Video 5: Reflexes
Description: This video shows several of the reflexes newborns are born with.

Audio 1: Mirror Neurons
Description: This segment explains the role mirror neurons play in our ability to mimic the actions of others and their role in later emotional development.

Audio 2: Baby’s Palate
Description: This segment describes research suggesting what mothers eat while they are pregnant may shape their children’s food preferences.

Audio 3: Vaccinations
Description: This segment describes the current debate about the safety and necessity behind childhood vaccinations.

Audio 4: SIDS
Description: This segment describes the difference between infants who die in their sleep because of unsafe sleeping conditions and true cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Web 1: Newborn Smell
Description: This story describes what we know about the development of the sense of smell and the sense of taste in newborns.

Web 2: Potty Training
Description: This website, developed by the Mayo Clinic, provides suggestions for when and how to start potty training toddlers.

Web 3: Sleep Patterns
Description: Dr. Gwen Dewar describes changes in newborns’ sleep patterns and what parents can do to help their baby develop good sleep habits.