Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Reversibility
Description: This video shows how a child in the concrete operational stage responds to Piaget’s conservation experiment.

Video 2: Encoding Strategies
Description: This video explains how we can teach children strategies to improve their memory.

Video 3: Stuttering
Description: This video describes what life is like for children who stutter.

Video 4: Multiple Intelligences
Description: This video describes the research conducted by Howard Gardner on his theory of multiple intelligences.

Video 5: Ability Grouping
Description: This video describes the pros and cons of grouping students based on their abilities.

Audio 1: Common Core
Description: This segment describes how the Common Core curriculum is changing the way teachers are approaching reading.

Audio 2: Single-Sex Classes
Description: This segment discusses the impact of having single-sex classrooms.

Web 1: Bilingual Education
Description: This article provides more information on the current debate regarding bilingual education and English immersion in schools.

Web 2: Gifted Students
Description: This article describes the best practices for teaching gifted students.

Web 3: Cultural Test Bias
Description: This segment describes how culture can impact scores on standardized tests of intelligence.