Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Erik Erikson
Description: This video explains Erik Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development.

Video 2: Little Albert
Description: This video shows how John Watson was able to condition a fear response in Little Albert using classical conditioning.

Video 3: BF Skinner
Description: This video describes how B. F. Skinner was able to shape pigeons’ behavior using positive and negative reinforcement.

Video 4: Bobo Doll
Description: This video shows the classic “Bobo Doll” study conducted by Albert Bandura on the effects of observational learning on children’s aggressive behaviors.

Video 5: Lorenz and His Geese
Description: This video describes Konrad Lorenz’s experiments with geese, in which he investigated the adaptive behavior called imprinting.

Video 6: fMRI and Dyslexia
Description: This video shows how fMRI research may help to identify children at risk for developing dyslexia.

Audio 1: “Fixed Mindset” of Intelligence
Description: This interview with Professor Carol Dweck suggests that teaching children intelligence is malleable, rather than fixed, helps them perform better in school.

Audio 2: IQ Tests
Description: This story questions if the use of IQ tests as a means for grouping students in school may have negative consequences for the remainder of their education.

Web 1: Ethics and Children
Description: This website explains the additional ethical considerations that must be taken into consideration when conducting research with children.