Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Genetic Counseling
Description: This video describes who might benefit from genetic counseling.

Video 2: Separated at Birth
Description: This video describes what research on twins separated at birth can tell us about the relationship between nature and nurture.

Video 3: Epigenetics
Description: This video explains how early neglect can lead to changes in our DNA that can be passed on to future generations.

Video 4: Sensation Seeking
Description: This video explains the underlying biological mechanisms involved in risk-taking behavior.

Audio 1: Genetics and Autism
Description: This TED talk by Wendy Chung suggests we may be able to understand what causes autism by looking at specific genetic anomalies.

Audio 2: Ethics & Genetic Testing
Description: This interview discusses the ethical considerations of changing the genetic material of a woman’s egg to reduce the likelihood of her unborn child developing a genetic disorder.

Web 1: Human Genome Mapping
Description: This website describes an overview of the human genome mapping project.