Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Emotion Regulation
Description: This video shows how using “feeling buddies” can help young children express their emotions more effectively.

Video 2: Self-Concept
Description: This video describes how young children view themselves and how this impacts the development of their sense of self.

Video 3: French Parenting
Description: This video explores differences between typical American parenting techniques and those used by French parents.

Video 4: Spanking
Description: This video describes some of the negative consequences of using spanking as a method for disciplining young children.

Video 5: Play Therapy
Description: This video explains what play therapy is and provides examples of how it can be beneficial for children who have experienced difficult situations.

Video 6: Trauma
Description: This video describes the immediate and long-term consequences for children who have experienced traumatic or violent events.

Audio 1: The Princess Obsession
Description: This segment attempts to make sense of girls’ fascination with pink--is it nature or nurture?

Audio 2: Morality
Description: This segment describes the current debate on the development of morality and asks if we are born with certain innate moral tendencies.

Web 1: Guilt
Description: This New York Times article describes research trying to understand how children learn about the concept of guilt.

Web 2: Pink
Description: This story describes how the color pink is currently perceived in our culture and a new phenomenon called PFD “Pink Frilly Dress.”

Web 3: Parenting Styles
Description: This New York Times article describes the ways in which parenting styles can impact how children interact with the world later in life.

Web 4: Poverty
Description: This website, developed by the American Psychological Association, outlines statistics and issues related to poverty, homelessness, and hunger in children.

Web 5: Programs for Emotional Development
Description: This article describes three programs that can be used with preschool children to help them learn to talk about what they are feeling, a key component of emotional development.