Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Marshmallow Test
Description: This video shows a replication of Walter Mischel’s classic “Marshmallow” study on the development of delayed gratification.

Video 2: Child Life Specialist
Description: This video explains how a child life specialist helps both parents and children in a hospital setting.

Video 3: Pretend Play
Description: This video explains that pretend play may tell us more about how children think and learn than once believed.

Video 4: Peer Review
Description: This video explains the peer review process.

Video 5: Brain Development and Autism
Description: This interview with Dr. Melissa Nishawala suggests brain irregularities during prenatal development may be linked with the development of autism.

Audio 1: Nurturing the Young Child
Description: This interview segment includes various experts who discuss what factors impact the development of the brain.

Audio 2: Tiger Moms
Description: This interview with Yale Law Professor Amy Chua about her book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” describes her personal experiences as a “Tiger Mother.”

Web 1: Children of Poverty
Description: This website describes key statistics on children growing up in poverty.