Multimedia Resources

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Video 1: Sexual Abuse
Description: This video describes the long-lasting impact of early sexual abuse.

Video 2: Dyslexia
Description: This video describes what it is like for children diagnosed with dyslexia.

Video 3: ADHD
Description: Understanding how ADHD is diagnosed in children.

Video 4: Lunchroom Undercover
Description: This video describes the findings of an anonymous teacher who went undercover to investigate the quality of school lunches.

Video 5: Diabetes
Description: This video shows how difficult everyday tasks can be for children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Audio 1: Precocious Puberty
Description: This segment describes some of the factors leading to precocious puberty in boys and girls.

Audio 2: Football and Concussions
Description: This segment describes new techniques being used in junior football leagues to help prevent concussions.

Audio 3: Treating ADHD
Description: This segment describes how using biofeedback can help treat children diagnosed with ADHD.

Audio 4: Accessible Playgrounds
Description: This segment describes how the new federal guidelines require parks to be accessible to all children.

Web 1: Cursive
Description: This article provides differing opinions on whether we should still be teaching cursive in school.

Web 2: Learning Self-Control
Description: This New York Times article describes how carefully structured play can be used to help children learn self-control.

Web 3: Sports-Related Injuries
Description: This website explains some of the most common sports-related injuries in children.