Video and Multimedia

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Seth Godin, from the 2011 Chick-fil-a Leadercast, talks about the differences of leadership and management and how important it is to see them as two different functions. 

  1. Do you identify more as a leader or more as a manager?
  2. What are the differences of leaders and managers?
  3. If you are a manager, how do you value leaders?  If you are a leader, how do you value managers?



John Antonakis discusses why charisma is important in his TED talk.

  1. Think of someone in your life who is charismatic.  How  does this person affect the behaviors of those around him or her?
  2. Why might charismatic leaders be more successful in persuading followers?
  3. What tactics does Antonakis discuss? Name and describe three.


The Leadership Grid

Blake and Mouton’s Leadership Grid is defined in simple terms.

  1. How many leadership styles were defined on the two-dimensional grid?
  2. Which leadership style do you most identify with?  Please explain.
  3. What kind of leadership style focuses more on productivity and less on people?
  4. What kind of leadership style makes people and production an equal priority?


Servant Leadership

An inspirational speech given by Lieutenant Colonel Harold “Hal” G. Moore before his troops go into battle.

  1. How does Moore communicate his leadership style?
  2. Is Moore charismatic, transformational, or transactional?
  3. Is this a form of Path-Goal Theory? If so, why? If not, why?