Video and Multimedia

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The Power of HR

A tour through the HR department at Zappos

  1. Describe three ways the Zappos’ HR department influences company culture.
  2. Why emphasize personality in the hiring process?


HR Departments

This “animated timeline of the history of HR” gives a timeline of workplace and HR practices.

  1. What else do you know about the individuals highlighted in this video?
  2. Did any names or dates in this video surprise you?


The Job Description

This animated video emphasizes the importance of job descriptions.

  1. What can happen when job descriptions are not accurate?
  2. How can well-written job descriptions create efficiency for the organization?


Attracting Employees

Learn from Strategist’s Group on how to attract employees with a strategy.

  1.  How are employees affected by employer branding?
  2. Why is employer branding important?
  3. Do you know of a company that has excellent employer branding?  If so, explain.


Employee Engagement 

This brief video by Employee overviews the importance of employee engagement within an organization.

  1. Why is employee engagement so important?
  2. What are the three ways a leader/manager can build trust with their employees?
  3. Within your group/organization, who are the “paddlers,” the “passengers,” and the people “sinking the boat?”
  4. What can you do to affect positive employee engagement within your organization?


What is Average?

Shawn Achor is a teaching professor at Harvard University.

  1. Can positive psychology be the answer that managers need to manage people?
  2. What has brain research done to open the minds of managers in the workplace?
  3. If you can just think of three positive things each day, would you be better off?