Video and Multimedia

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SWOT Analysis

This simple illustration walks through a SWOT analysis.

  1. What does SWOT stand for?
  2. What elements of a SWOT are internal and what elements are more likely external?
  3. Apply a SWOT to a current decision you are making.  Did that help with your decision-making process?


Strategic Management 

Professor Kryscynski of Brigham Young University shares a brief introduction to strategic management through creative illustration. Apply these questions to a group project or to a business you are involved with.

  1. Where do we compete?
  2. How do we compete?
  3. How do we formulate a strategy to compete well and perhaps outcompete our rivals?



Steve Jobs speaks about a few areas of differentiation between Apple and Microsoft.

  1. Why should a company partner with a competitor?
  2. What does Steve Jobs communicate as a differentiation of Apple from Microsoft vs. any other competitors?
  3. How can a company find its niche in the marketplace?


Communicating Strategy 

Professor Bob Kaplan of Harvard talks about the balance scorecard for communicating strategy.

  1. How is Management by Walking Around implemented?
  2. What is strategy and how can a critical role in communication matter?
  3. How important is the ability to communicate in strategy by way of fun and also effective?