Video and Multimedia

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Group Structure and Size

Paul Andersen of Bozeman Science shares some of his thoughts on how to get a group from a passive state of learning to an active state of learning.

  1. What does it take for an instructor or manager to get from a passive state to an active state?
  2. How can you teach people to learn?
  3. How can the three types of groups be best applied in a group process?


Group Dynamics 

These short animated clips demonstrate ways of working together successfully and unsuccessfully.

  1. How does an in-group/out-group mentality affect teamwork?
  2. Why makes the first example “bad teamwork” and the second example “good teamwork”?


Team Building

Marshall Goldsmith talks through a few practical ways to help build a team without wasting time.

  1. Think about your own team(s).  How might you implement team building without wasting time?
  2. Have you ever been part of a dysfunctional team?  How did that feel?
  3. Have you ever been part of a functional team?  How did that feel?


Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

Remember the Titans is a movie about how a football team comes together despite their differences and backgrounds in order to accomplish something extraordinary.

  1. Can you identify the four major stages of group development within the movie, Remember the Titans?
  2. Consider a group/team occasion where you experienced the four major stages of group development. 
  3.  As a manager, how can you better facilitate the major stages of group development?


Build a Team 

This TED talk by Tom Wujec describes how building a tower helps to build a team.

  1. Is planning and organizing enough for teamwork?
  2. Is failure an option when working in teams?
  3. Why does incentive plus skill lead to successful teams?