Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: The discussion among experts of the landmark case Miranda v. Arizona
Description: This C-SPAN video presents experts discussing the implications of Miranda v. Arizona for policing.

Video 2: Russell Williams Confronted with Mounting Evidence
Description: A NewsDurham video clip of the interrogation of killer Russell Williams, former Canadian Air Force Officer (if you have time, find and watch the original in its entirety).


Audio 1: Miranda v. Arizona (1966)
Description: This OYEZ audio takes students inside the U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral argument for the case that established mandatory warnings before custodial interrogation.

Audio 2: The Interrogation
Description: This A&E Cold Case podcast explores a brother’s interrogation for the murder of his sister.


Web 1: John E. Reid & Associates
Description: This link to John Reid’s Web resources discusses his and Inbau’s work in developing interrogation techniques.

Web 2: The Right to Counsel in Criminal Investigations
Description: Alameda County (CA) District Attorney’s Office Web resource describing in depth the right to counsel pursuant to Miranda and the Sixth Amendment.