Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Collecting DNA for Law Enforcement Purposes
Description: This C-SPAN video highlights the federal Ninth Court of Appeals argument about California state law allowing for the collection of DNA upon arrest.

Video 2: Exigent Circumstances Justify Warrantless Door-to-Door Search
Description: This Wall Street Journal video clip shows the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bomber; exigent circumstances justifying the warrantless door-to-door search.


Audio 1: Collins v. Virginia (2018)
Description: This OYEZ audio link to U.S. Supreme Court argument in the case that decided the automobile exception does not allow warrantless searches on private property.

Audio 2: 900 Students Searched in Worth County, Georgia
Description: In this Bloomberg Law audio clip, experts discuss the warrantless search of high school students that discovered no evidence of wrongdoing.


Web 1: Immigration Enforcement on Interstate Bus Travel
Description: NPR story of immigration enforcement within 100 miles of the country’s borders.

Web 2: Warrantless Searches Held Unlawful
Description: A Fox news story on a Housing Authority in Colorado who without consent used dogs to search resident apartments.