Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Pleading insanity for the Parkland shooter could be difficult
Description: This NBC News clip explores the possible defenses for a Florida school shooter.

Video 2: Difference between Stand Your Ground and Self Defense
Description: This NBC News with Megyn Kelly video discusses the difference between subjective and objective perceptions of danger under Florida law of justifiable homicide.


Audio 1: Moore v. Texas – Post-Argument SCOTUScast
Description: This Federalist Society podcast addresses perceived deficiencies in relying on certain findings and recommendations in determining intellectual disability in capital cases.

Audio 2: The Pizza Delivery Man Under Duress
Description: A Casefile podcast documenting the Erie Pizza man robbery committed under duress with a bomb strapped around his neck.


Web 1: National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
Description: This link to the Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys explores issues facing the challenges of representing the accused in court.

Web 2: Is it Time to Scrap the Statute of Limitations?
Description: This link provides a map to statutes of limitation across the country, particularly for crimes related to the sexual abuse of minors.