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Journal Article 1: Clough, A. (2018). Conditional consent and purposeful deception. The Journal of Criminal Law, 82, 178–190.

Abstract: The media has recently given much attention to the ‘stealthing’ trend, undisclosed condom removal during sex and how this may affect consent to sexual activity. This paper seeks to discuss where situations like this sit within the Sexual Offenses Act 2003, and how it may compare to other instances of consent gained in deceitful circumstances.

Journal Article 2: Jordan, J., & Mossman, E. (2017). “Don’t ever give up!” Resisting victimhood through self-defense. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Abstract: Whether or not women should physically resist a male attacker has been a long-contested issue. This article enters this debate drawing on findings from an evaluation of a feminist self-defense course. It locates these data within a broader historical context to question dominant discourses around ideal femininity and explore the potential for empowerment such courses can offer, particularly for women deemed at high risk. It draws on qualitative data from interviews with course participants (n = 15), community stakeholders (n = 15), and self-defense instructors (n = 7), as well as quantitative data from pre–post course evaluations (n = 115). Findings are presented to demonstrate how participants and stakeholders from a diverse range of women’s groups experienced the program. Evidence is presented that the participation not only resulted in increased self-defense skills but importantly also the confidence and attitude to put these skills into action, if required. Factors identified as critical to the success of these courses are explored, and the implications are assessed in relation to both prevention and empowerment.