Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Jehovah’s Witnesses on Mandatory Flag Salute
Description: This C-SPAN video presents students who were expelled from school in the 1940s for refusing to salute the American flag.

Video 2: Inside the New Ku Klux Klan
Description: The ABC News video takes a look at legal cross burning on private property by the new KKK.


Audio 1: United States v. Alvarez (2012)
Description: This OYEZ audio presentation takes students inside the U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral argument for the case invalidating the federal law making lying about military honors a crime.

Audio 2: Free Speech in Public Schools
Description: This Civics 101 podcast examines four prominent U.S. Supreme Court cases that shaped free speech doctrine in public education.


Web 1: The First Amendment Center
Description: This link to the Freedom Forum Institute provides public resources for understanding the First Amendment freedoms.

Web 2: The Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg
Description: This is a link to University of Missouri professor Douglas O. Linder’s Famous Trials Web page detailing freedom of the press intersecting with national security.