Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Combatting Gangs in Communities
Description: This C-SPAN video of House testimony addresses gang violence and involvement in drugs and human trafficking.

Video 2: How Rape Shield Laws Work
Description: This Center for Innovation in Legal Education video explains the workings of rape shield laws.


Audio 1: The Murder of Christina Grimmie
Description: This podcast is a five-part series tracing the murder of a rising star by a stalker.

Audio 2: The Manual
Description: The Criminal podcast describes an exhaustive homicide investigation in Maryland.


Web 1: Do Hate Crimes Really Work?
Description: This NPR article examines the efficacy of hate crime laws.

Web 2: National Crime and Murder Trends 2018
Description: A preliminary analysis of 2018 crime data compiled by the Brennan Center for Justice.