Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Intent vs. Family Upbringing
Description: C-SPAN video about the Bogle family raises questions about the formation of criminal intent.

Video 2: Dark Web Solicitation for Murder
Description: CBS News 48 Hours investigation on people using the Dark Web to solicit hit men to commit murder.


Audio 1: Elonis v. United States (2015)
Description: This OYEZ audio presentation takes students inside the U.S. Supreme Court to hear oral argument for the case requiring specific intent for Internet threats.

Audio 2: Can Intent Become a Crime?
Description: Vermont Public Radio examines the case of a high school student who made threats and discusses when threats become criminal acts.


Web 1: Model Penal Code Mens Rea
Description: Law Shelf Foundations of Law website descriptions and illustrations of mens rea.

Web 2: The Facebook Dilemma
Description: PBS collection of interviews for a documentary on Facebook and the role of social media in America, a platform that may or may not be used for criminal activity.