Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Prosecution of Terror Suspects
Description: This C-SPAN video discusses logistical considerations of 9/11 terror prosecutions.

Video 2: Take an Eyewitness Test
Description: Experiment simulation in a college setting.


Audio 1: Guilty Plea brings Relief to Victims
Description: This National Post podcast explores the emotions involved in hearing the defendant plead guilty to causing a fatal traffic accident in Canada, killing young hockey players.

Audio 2: How a Case Gets to the Supreme Court
Description: This Civics 101 podcast describes the system of appeals through which a case gets to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Web 1: Criminal Justice System Flowchart
Description: The Bureau of Justice Systems flowchart demonstrates how an offender travels through the criminal justice system from investigation to incarceration.

Web 2: Discovery Motion to Preserve Evidence
Description: Defense motion to preserve evidence about the Orange County (CA) jail informant program that resulted in the district attorney office’s recusal from the Scott Dekraai mass murder case.