Video and Multimedia

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Video Link

Video Link 8.1: Watch an action scene from Mad Max: Fury Road.

Video Link 8.2: See animation examples from Muybridge, Edison, and Porter.

Video Link 8.3: Watch a nearly three-hour cut of Intolerance.

Video Link 8.4: Watch the documentary Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven's Gate.

Video Link 8.5: The cast of Singing in the Rain attempts to shoot their first “talking” scene.

Video Link 8.6: Watch a short 1950 documentary on the Hollywood Ten.

Video Link 8.7: Watch the trailer for The Artist.

Video Link 8.8: Take a video walkthrough of Hogwarts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Video Link 8.9: Watch the trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Video Link 8.10: Learn more about Bollywood films and watch a great movie clip.

Video Link 8.11: Read several blog posts on the Bechdel Test and watch a great video explanation of it.

Audio Link

Audio Link 8.1: Learn about new ways for movies to increase profits.

Audio Link 8.2: Jodie Foster on roles for strong women.

Web Link

Web Link 8.1: Learn more about the current 3-D movie revival.

Web Link 8.2: Get the most up-to-date box office figures.

Web Link 8.3: Check out the box office and estimated costs of recent movies.

Web Link 8.4: Check out #OscarsSoWhite and joing the conversation.

Web Link 8.5: Find links to the source material for this Test Your Media Literacy box and ratings on Bully.

Web Link 8.6: Examine the challenges Hollywood faces in attracting audiences.

Web Link 8.7: Keep up-to-date with content from the author’s blog.