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Video Link 11.1: Check out commercials with a list of famous advertising catchphrases.

Video Link 11.2: View examples of the classic ads.

Video Link 11.3: See a collection of national ads

Video Link 11.4: See the ads from American Apparel, Bud Light, and Guiness.

Video Link 11.5: Find out more about advertising legend David Ogilvy.

Video Link 11.6: View several urban McDonald’s ads.

Video Link 11.7: Watch Coca-Cola’s famous vintage commercial.

Video Link 11.8: Take a look at some of the native ads discussed above.

Video Link 11.9: Take a look at Kathryn Koegel’s analysis of successful mobile advertising efforts, including the iButterfly campaign.

Video Link 11.10: Check out examples of both punk polka and techno polka.

Audio Link

Audio Link 11.1: The black advertising pioneer who changed how marketers talk to people of color.

Audio Link 11.2: TV networks hope new shows will attract advertisers.

Web Link

Web Link 11.1: Read more about Target's targeting.

Web Link 11.2: Check out vintage ads from the 1700s through the early 2000s.

Web Link 11.3: Find out more about the top U.S. advertising agencies.

Web Link 11.4: Check out the selection of outdoor ads.

Web Link 11.5: Want to know your own VALS category? Take the survey!

Web Link 11.6: See how Mountain Dew's ad featuring Felicia the Goat went terribly wrong.

Web Link 11.7: Here are several ads from mainstream companies supporting gay marriage.

Web Link 11.8: Check out claims of subliminal advertising.

Web Link 11.9: See the latest on Super Bowl advertising.

Web Link 11.10: Read the Institute of Medicine report on advertising food to children.

Web Link 11.11: Keep up-to-date with content from the author’s blog.