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Journal Article 1: Hunold, D., Oberwittler, D., & Lukas, T. (2016, September). ‘I’d Like to See Your Identity Cards Please’— Negotiating Authority in Police–Adolescent Encounters: Findings from A Mixed-Method Study of Proactive Police Practices Towards Adolescents in Two German Cities. European Journal of Criminology, 13(5), 590–609.
Abstract: Using participant observation, in-depth interviews, and survey research, this study examines relations between police and adolescents of color.

Journal Article 2: Cyr, J. (2015, February). The Pitfalls and Promise of Focus Groups as a Data Collection Method. Sociological Methods & Research, 45(2), 231–259.
Abstract: This article examines how focus groups have been used—and could be used—by social science researchers.