Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: Research for the Real World: NIJ Seminar Series
This website includes summaries of studies, some of which used an experimental or quasi-experimental research design.

Web Link 2: Randomized Experiments
Various randomized experiments in policing are summarized.

Video 1: Going Home (or Not): How Residential Change Might Help Former Offenders Stay Out of Prison
Description: Using Hurricane Katrina to construct a natural experiment, a research explains how residential change is correlated with recidivism.

Video 2: Social Experiments to Fight Poverty
Description: Relying on randomized experiments, a researcher explores which policies are effective in reducing poverty.

Audio 1: Therapy Helps Troubled Teens Rethink Crime
Description: A randomized controlled experiment exploring the relationship between cognitive behavioral therapy and arrest is examined.

Audio 2: Baltimore Sees Hospitals as Key To Breaking A Cycle of Violence
Description: Baltimore hospitals are employing ex-offenders as “violence interrupters” in an effort to reduce violence.