Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: American Anthropological Association Statement on Ethnography and Institutional Review Boards
Description: To learn more about ethnographic study and ethics, please read this statement from the American Anthropological Association.

Web Link 2: Qualitative Research Journals
Description: Qualitative research journals across various social sciences are listed.

Video 1: Opioids From Inside
Description: Three women describe their struggles with opioid abuse.

Video 2: Just Wrong: The Aftermath of Wrongful Conviction
Description: In this documentary, three exonerees and three victims discuss their experiences with wrongful conviction.

Audio 1: Researcher Studies Gangs by Leading One
Description: In this participant observation, a researcher led a Chicago gang for a day.

Audio 2: School Meets Street: Exploring the Links Between Low Achievement, School Exclusion and Youth Crime Among African-Caribbean Boys in London
Description: Using data derived from qualitative interviews, this study explores the connection between school achievement and juvenile crime.