Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Description: The Federal Bureau of Investigation annually publishes its Uniform Crime Report.

Web Link 2: The Bureau of Justice Statistics
Description: This website provides official quantitative data on a variety of criminal justice topics including crime, policing, courts, prisons, and probation and parole.

Video 1: Police-on-Police Shootings
Description: Results of an exploratory study on police-on-police shootings are described.

Video 2: Is Marijuana Actually Medicinal?
Description: This video describes the challenges that researchers encounter when examining the medical benefits of marijuana.

Audio 1: Near Police Killings, A Community With a Cycle of Crime
Description: This audio clip describes efforts to challenge common misperceptions pertaining to public housing and its residents.

Audio 2: You Can Be Convinced to Confess to an Invented Crime, Study Finds
Description: A researcher examines how wrongful confessions occur.