Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Description: This website is a clearinghouse for research on a variety of criminological and criminal justice subjects.

Web Link 2: National Institute of Justice
Description: The National Institute of Justice website includes recent crime and criminal justice publications.

Video 1: Evidence-Based Policing—The Importance of Research and Evidence
Description: This video examines the need for policing to be guided by evidence-based research.

Video 2: Vancouver Law Cuts Drunken-Driving Deaths in Half
Description: This video discusses the results of modifications in drunken-driving laws derived from deterrence theory.

Audio 1: Scientific Findings Often Fail to Be Replicated, Researchers Say
Description: In 100 psychology studies, less than half fail to be replicated in future studies. Why?

Audio 2: Illegal Immigration Does Not Increase Violent Crime, 4 Studies Show
Description: Recent studies suggest that illegal immigration is not correlated with a crime increase.