Multimedia Resources

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Web Link 1: Crime Mapping & Analysis News
Description: The latest research using geospatial analysis is detailed.

Web Link 2: What Is Social Network Analysis?
Description: Social network analysis as a research methodology is described and examples are provided.

Video 1: Crime Mapping and Hot Spots Policing
Description: Researchers describe the spatial dimension of crime and implications for policing.

Video 2: Rockford Police Department: New Crime Strategy Working
Description: The Rockford, Illinois Police Department attribute a 40% decline in property crimes to their social network analytical techniques.

Audio 1: A Sheriff and a Doctor Team Up to Map Childhood Trauma
Description: Using a geospatial analysis, law enforcement and medical practitioners examine the connection of childhood negative life events and crime.

Audio 2: Can Big Data Really Help Screen Immigrants?
Description: The use of big data to screen for terrorists is described and the potential for discrimination is considered.